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New Member? Please read this first.

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New Member? Please read this first.

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:21 pm

Welcome to the Parathyroid Forum, I hope you find the forum useful and helpful.

Here are a few snippets of information to get you started:

This forum has been started (by Mr and Mrs Admin), as the original Parathyroid Forum (www.Parathyroid-Forum.co.uk) will disappear around the end of April 2014 when the domain name and hosting agreements expire.  

Having contacted the hosting company for the original forum, it is not possible to transfer the ownership without agreement of the original owner, who cannot be contacted.  It is the same situation with the original forum's domain (www.Parathyroid-Forum.co.uk) name. Unfortunately, is has not been possible to transfer memberships or posts from the original forum.

Members of this forum are encouraged to copy any important or really useful information before the original forum closes, because everything in the original forum will be lost when it closes.

Forum Guidelines
Please respect the views of others and be as pleasant and polite to each other as possible (even if you're in the middle of a parathyroid bad mood day).

Please understand that none of us are medics or doctors and everyone should consult their doctor for medical advice and not use this forum as a substitute for medical advice.

This forum has been created by a pair of complete amateurs who have never tried setting-up or running a forum before.
Please be very patient with us and please do not expect instant answers, as this is an evenings and weekend venture.
Initially, we would like to keep things simple, with just a small number of categories, but we expect to expand the categories once we are more comfortable with managing the forum.

At the present time, new members are registered instantly.  If we start to see spam messages, we may have to introduce some form of vetting for new membership applications.  If you spot any spam messages, please let the Moderators know.

The member Hadleigh (Mrs Admin) will be the initial moderator.  Depending-on the workload, we may ask for another one or two moderators.

This forum does not have a spell-checker (or, if it does, I have not found it yet).  I will not be offended if you spot any errors and send me a message.

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