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Post surgery Tigerlily

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Post surgery Tigerlily

Post by NancyMi on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:02 am

Hi Tigerlily,
    How are you feeling?  Great I hope.  Very Happy
  I thought it was interesting what you said about the lipid level going down after your surgery.  I had read that parathyroid disease does cause a lipid problem which is another reason we don't want to be left untreated.
  Are you experiencing more energy and less fatigue? 

Hope you had a great New Year.

   xxx,   Nancy


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Re: Post surgery Tigerlily

Post by Tigerlily on Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:56 pm

Hi Nancy
Yes, we had a good New Year and yes again - I am feeling more energy and less fatigue!

I really do feel so much better and the reduction in cholesterol was a real bonus.
Mine was 10 (UK units - high!!) before the op and it dropped to 7.9 after the surgery. The lowest it has ever been is 6 in our units, so if I can get it back down to that I shall be well pleased (even though the goalposts have been moved in the UK and the government encourages doctors to make their patients aim for a level of around 5.

See my new post about my post-surgery consult with FP today - all 3 adenoma removed were hyperplasic!

I hope you have some renewed energy for the New Year, Nancy, and I hope it is the year that you get all the answers you need.

Love from Tigerlily xxxx


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