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post op blood checks

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post op blood checks

Post by Hadleigh on Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:48 pm

I had the letter today from my last endotwat appt, surprisingly she has said I should have calcium blood tests every 4-6 months from now on, so it seems she accepts there is a risk of further trouble whereas according to GP and surgeon I am "cured"so no need for further tests, ever ! Shame she didn't throw me this bone when I was there rather than dissing everything I said and talking over meĀ Rolling Eyes

Just thought I would pass this on to others who are post op as it seems very sensible to keep an eye on levels, just in case.


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Re: post op blood checks

Post by Kathi209 on Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:39 am

Hi Nelly I am glad your having your levels checked. I am still pre op but I do think I read levels should be monitored for a year at least. I must say kudo's to the endotwat for that one. Hugs Kathi


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