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Another negative sestamibi

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Another negative sestamibi

Post by Fleur on Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:22 am

Hello again

Thank you for your help when we last spoke in August.

I've now had my Dexa scan, sestamibi & seen the surgeon at Norfolk & Norwich hospital.  I saw the surgeon last Friday & she told me bone density was low, sestamibi was negative so they would have to investigate both sides and expose both sides of thyroid. You suspected that might happen Nelly as I've had previous neck surgery for reactive lymph node (many years ago). She also said that I would have an ultrasound but I'd hear separately from radiology. I heard from radiology yesterday and have to have ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration. Gulp! She didn't tell me that! However, she's also referred me for surgery which she reckons will be within next 3 months. 

Surgery department is ENT rather than Endo. I asked the young surgeon I saw who would be doing the op and she said it would probably be her and the senior surgeon (he specialises in head & neck cancers).

I would appreciate any help/comments. Getting a bit scared now! 

Jenny x


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