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Newbie needing help with hypercalcium results

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Newbie needing help with hypercalcium results

Post by Sarah pk on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:55 pm

Hi all I have a complex medical situation going on including over range high calcium. I am 14 years post total thyroidectomy for cancer. Now 52 female and 2 years menopause. I also had RAI and they did put my parathyroids back. Was on 200mg oof Levothyroxine for past 13 yearsI have moved country 4 times since surgery and have had no consistent care. I now realise health was troubled for at least 8 years. Have been misdiagnosed and mistreated to point of complete physical breakdown 10 moths ago coinciding with return to U.K. Have had extensive blood tests in March then May My calcium Serum and adjusted have been above range 2.63 and 2.62 late April PTH was 30.. Endo says monitor and GP says calcium above normal but too low to be causing my chronic symptoms.
Chronic pain from feet, knees, hips lower back shoulders and neck including fatty hump. dr first said plantar fasciitis now going to rheumatologist for fibromyalgia investigation after positive result for autoimmune antibodies for connective tissue disorder.
Many chronic hypo and hyperthyroid symptoms from eyebrow and hair loss to fatigue, sleep problems. Thirsty and peeing more to point thought had diabetes.
Heat racing, high blood pressure, high cholesterol
Seeing an Endo who is trying to get to bottom of this and started me on T3 thinks body mimicking Cushing due to long term chronic stress with moves, bereavements and traumatic life.
Blood tests for Cushing thankfully ruled out cos cortisol which was high drastically went down whith the test.
Both Endo and GP say not to be overly concerned and think high calcium is a red herring yet all support groups such as ThyroidUK keep flagging up HPTH every time I post results.
I continue to be very ill, virtually bedbound.and in chronic pain. Take all the right supplements now(( B12, folate, selenium, ubiquinol , Vit D etc 3 months), T3 and probiotics and has been some improvement.
eNDo and GP say keep taking 20,000 in Vitamin D3 / week cos was low- support groups say stop cos of calcium!!!!!!!
Can't see the wood for trees - help

Sarah pk

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Re: Newbie needing help with hypercalcium results

Post by Hadleigh on Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:07 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum

We have spoken on the TUK site before but I'm glad you found your way here as it's not easy talking parathyroid stuff on the thyroid site, to many different opinions thrown in them mix !

So yes your calcium is high ish, which it shouldn't be, but I have to agree with your GP that it's probably not high enough to be causing all of your horrible symptoms. Are your thyroid levels good ? as your symptoms do point more towards that being the problem rather than parathyroid, also with possible fibro and autoimmune antibodies there are several things to be investigated which you doctors seem to be doing. I think monitoring is your only option whilst other things are ruled out but if your calcium continues to be high then you will need to push for ultrasound and if indicated a sestamibi scan which will show any problem parathyroids, although scans are sometimes not that reliable. Having had thyroid surgery scar tissue can be a problem with scans, mine were inconclusive for that reason.

Your vitd dose is quite high considering your calcium level, personally I wouldn't be taking it, do you know what your vitd level is ? if you haven't had it tested recently I would do that to make sure you aren't overdosing, you may find it's high enough for you to stop or at least reduce the dose. Many doctors believe giving high vitd will correct the calcium but normally all it will do is push calcium higher, which of course is not good.

Are you taking all your supplements well away from your thyroid meds as that will affect absorption. Are you on Levo+T3 or T3 alone ? how about NDT, many people rave about it but I have no experience of it.

Not sure I can add any more really, yes your calcium is high and needs to be monitored and if nothing else is found then do push for scans, do you have the range for the pth level ? I can't tell how high it is as my range is different, again something to keep a watch on.

Keep us posted on progress, I hope you get some answers very soon, if we can help further do shout.

Take care
Nelly x

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Re: Newbie needing help with hypercalcium results

Post by Tigerlily on Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:03 pm

Welcome Sarah - sorry you have so much to contend with.

I echo all that Nellie has said.

Can you post your calcium, PTH and vitamin D levels and the lab ranges used? The PTH level range is of particular interest as it is new to me too.

May I ask where you are located, by the way?

Best of Wishes, Tigerlily.


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Re: Newbie needing help with hypercalcium results

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