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Post by Fleur on Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:13 pm

Hello everyone
I'm a new member just introducing myself.
My GP first told me he thought I had phpt in Sept 2013. Referred me to endocrinologist who said it was secondary hpt  due to low vit-d (sound familiar). He put me on 7 weeks of 40,000 Pro D3 per week & told me to take 1,000 vit d per day for the rest of my life. No follow up. At that time my blood tests showed adjusted calcium of 2.58, PTH 7.2 & vit-d of 20nmol/L. I was 66 at that time.

I've gradually been feeling worse and had to give up zumba classes, aqua-fit etc and now have pains in my hands & wrists, high blood pressure etc etc.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago I fainted whilst out & a paramedic was called so I went back to my GP who ran blood tests which now show calcium 2.69 and PTH 7.9 so he's referred me to endo again! My appointment is on Thursday 4th August.

I'm now 69 and it feels as though I've wasted at least 3 years. My GP seems to be on the ball but I don't feel very confident for visit to hospital. I live in Norfolk by the way.

Thanks for your forum. It's lovely to feel you're not alone. I'm sorry this message has been a bit moany. I'm not usually this negative!



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Re: New member

Post by Hadleigh on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:53 pm

Hello Jenny and welcome to the forum

I'm so sorry I didn't reply earlier, for some reason I didn't get a message about your post, oops.

That is a very familiar history you have there, many have gone and are going along the same route, sadly doctors, well some of them, are really not very knowledgeable when it comes to hpth so a lot of people are told to take the old D3 and everything will be fine ! your bloods at the time should have been enough to get the correct diagnosis.

Thank goodness your GP twigged and got things moving.

Don't worry about moaning, we have all been there, I'll zip over to your latest post and carry on there.


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